hard lessons i thought i already learned…

This week, I seem to be relearning lessons I thought I had learned along time ago.

1. People leave.

2. People say they’ll stay, but they leave.

3. People can’t handle when others go crazy.

4. I like to chase off the people I need.

5. I don’t really need some people. I just think I do sometimes.

6. My brand of crazy is more than neurotic. It might even be psychotic.

7. People lie because they think they’re not lying.

8. People want to keep promises. But they can’t.

9. People can’t be believed when they say they won’t leave.

10. The clues I notice about the future should be heeded as warnings, not written off as paranoia.

These are the things I have to learn to remember. Oh, and #11: People sometimes stop talking to you for no reason – they just stop.  And #12: Some people can’t handle being wrong.

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