shopping while butch

After reading one of TPQ’s posts a few weeks ago where there was talk of black pants shopping I realized I didn’t own a pair of plain black dress pants either and decided to do something about it.  So my partner and i went shopping.  This was especially hard for my partner, who hates to … Continue reading

Stupid things to imagine

After Dick Armey’s comment on Hardball last night, I’ve been imagining him and Larry Craig in a bathroom stall together. Here’s the dialogue: Craig: “I love my wife.” Armey: “I’m glad you’re not my wife.” Yeah… laughter ensues.

just randomness

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my thesis, and since I now have to wear a band-aid on one finger to keep the callus from blistering over, I have decided to create the verb “thesising.” I think it fits. Anything that scars should be a verb. I have been telling my wife “I … Continue reading

Thinking too much…

I spent too much time thinking about the preacher’s misogyny and whether or not Lin and I were too visibly queer.

facing the thesis

I’m sitting in rural Maryland with the people I call my out-laws. They’re Lin’s parents. They live in a small town called North East, but they really live about 6 miles outside of that bustling metropolis (with two stoplights and a few four-way stops) on a cul-de-sac next to Lin’s uncle. Her cousin is getting … Continue reading