another rich f*** gives money to HRC

Ok… so Bruce Bastian gave money to the HRC. Not just money, but ::conjure dr. evil here:: one million dollars :: press pinky to lip:: I’m quite beginning to think the organization is evil. The more I read and the more I pay attention, the more I think the organization is simply trying to tell … Continue reading

Sleep Paralysis and Del Shores

I *woke* up this morning to an episode of sleep paralysis. Haven’t had one of those in years… They’re always really creepy, and always bring me back to that disorientation thing. It’s like the ultimate in what I’ve always told my counselors (you know, we all need those, and I”m thankful for free ones through … Continue reading


disorientation is important. and this time, it’s about how disoriented i feel every day in my own home. It’s about physical space this time. I learned when putting the floor in my mom’s trailer that a trailer is never completely square. the construction is quite shotty, so when a trailer is hitched to a truck … Continue reading

a place to start?

so, I keep looking at this old handout, something derived from The Meaning of Difference by Rosenblum and Travis. They lay out stages of identity development for both people in privileged statuses and people in stigmatized statuses. and I keep wondering where the hybrid of these two are – how it is that some LGBT … Continue reading

issues of membership

So I must also deal with issues of membership – what makes it okay for me to belong. Forgive me for another spew-rant, but I need these right now, and I think they’re entertaining. One day, they’ll be called poetry… but not today. today, they’re just words in random order. More after the jump:

what makes me southern?

So, I’m editing Trailer Park Queer, that piece I posted earlier, and turning it into something longer with actual, you know, academic citations and stuff. But first, I needed to figure out what exactly makes my experience of TPQ southern. So, I did what I always do: I spewed what I was thinking/feeling/thinking-feeling/feeling-thinking onto paper … Continue reading

Deadline Week

Okay, so starting a new blog project may not have been the greatest idea as my publication hits its August deadline. But, I’m not always one for great timing. I had hoped to write more here, and there is more to write, but time is of the essence when a newspaper must be published. I … Continue reading

Sinus/Ear Infection – and no insurance

I went to the doctor today. I’ve been putting it off for almost two weeks, hoping I just had a cold. I went to one of the few places in town, besides urgent care, that will take new patients without insurance. My wife went with me. I make her sit in the room because I’m … Continue reading

Experience first, then theory

I was struck recently by something Holly Boswell wrote in 1997 (at least, it was published then, she may have written it long before). Holly lives around these parts… in fact, I saw her today at a barbecue… though I neglected to introduce myself, I suppose she’s somewhat of a local celebrity, and I’m sometimes … Continue reading

Freaks Talk Back

In 1999, Joshua Gamson’s book Freaks Talk Back was published. Here’s a quote: middle-class activists are moving toward the demonstration that gay people are regular, civilized, unthreatening, reasonable, conforming folks (186)