Really strange day of ups and downs…

The last few days have been really up and down for me. One thing happens, then another, and I really don’t know what to expect next. Last night, we had one of the 5-hour marathons we haven’t had in years now. Loveliness. Plus, brownies in bed in the wee hours. Then, brownies for breakfast with snow outside. Beautiful, right?

Then, I notice a missed call on my phone. From my friend who lives in Denver. She called to say that last night everyone in her house confronted her about calling the landlord because one of her housemates is literally MAKING crack in the house. The house is separated into apartments. I called her back and she was in a hotel eating breakfast from room service. Overcooked bacon. Yum. She’s afraid to go home to her apartment. Her parents live in Knoxville. The rest of her life is really here in Asheville. She was afraid to call the cops because she didn’t want her housemates to flip out on her. No cops showed up last night, so it’s not clear whether the landlord believed her. The dude is cooking crack in his kitchen. Seriously – this is a problem. I told her to get some mace, get her shit, and get the fuck outta there quick. She can sleep on my floor if need be. Long drive from Denver, though.

Then, Lin cooked breakfast while I worked my tutoring shift. I see a new message in facebook and check it. SHIT. A close friend of ours probably has a brain tumor and leukemia. He’s 41. FUCK ALL.

Then, we check our bank account. We’ve been waiting for one of my paychecks to process and a check from Lin’s dad to come through (our Christmas present – we’re buying a washer and dryer), but none of it was going to clear until the 12th. With $112 in the bank account, we were a bit worried because they’re about to turn our cell phones off. I realize that sounds terrible, but we only have cell phones and we use them for business. Plus, we pay for my mom’s line on our account, and I really don’t want her to call about that. I sent her that email. I haven’t heard from her in a week and a half now. I worry about her, but I need this space. Anyway, we check our bank account, and Lin’s dad deposited a lot of money (cash) in our account this morning. Banks are open on Saturdays up north. Thank goodness. So, we’re not broke anymore (at least until the carpenter and plumber cash their checks). But still, there was a cushion on top of that. Beautiful.

That’s just today. Add a few weeks of this shit happening, and you see what I’m up against right now. I have no idea what the universe will throw at me next. But, I guess I’m ready. ::crosses fingers::

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