Wouldn’t normally do this

I suppose I should have mentioned this is, like, my theme song… And I’ve been listening to it a lot lately… But the idea of leaving is not about my wife – that part’s stable – it’s about other parts of my life…

Getting the roof fixed

So, our roof had a leak. Nothing major, just some water coming in because of some mis-installed flashing around the chimney. But it made me somehow feel more at home in our house. If you remember an earlier post about disorientation, and how I feel disoriented in my own home because it is a solidly, … Continue reading

Another deadline finished

So, this week was deadline week for the paper. How I love these weekends – getting smelly, not taking a shower for three days, forcing all of my creative energy into one large push each month to birth something graphically beautiful and stimulating – along with writing an article or two – and sitting in … Continue reading

A portrait of nerdy domesticity

The wife and I were chatting over IM this evening – from one room away, no less – only because I felt the need to interrupt her work, as usual. I thought I would share with everyone a portrait of what nerdy queer domesticity looks like. Our need to deconstruct language goes further than English … Continue reading

On the subject of Holly Boswell

Some of you may remember an earlier post entitled “Experience first, then theory…” in which I made it known that I am inspired by the writings of Holly Boswell, who lives in my quaint little mountain town. Since that post, I have met Holly, and interviewed her about the 16th annual Kindred Spirits Retreat in … Continue reading

One more lesson this week…

Reporting fair and balanced news is the work of villains. My newspaper seems to be bearing the brunt of the criticism for the failure of Asheville Pridefest. Read the story here: http://gaynews.outinasheville.com/2008/09/10/asheville-pridefest-in-crisis/. The comments are the worst part – people don’t care what’s true – they want the LGBTQ newspaper to make everything LGBTQ look … Continue reading

10 things I learned this week

1. I like the color Orange Maple made by Behr Paints. 2. My baby brother is a fucknut. 3. My mom needs me as much as I need her.

Crazy/Queer Week

Ok, so this week was freaking nuts. I’ve been meaning to do some writing here, and haven’t gotten around to it. Here are a few of the reasons: 1. Monday, my mom went to the hospital. She’s fine – just hot flashes and tanning beds can be quite nuclear. Still, scary. The follow-up with her … Continue reading

This time, just rambles

I feel like fire is burning up my insides like something is breathing and breeding in my spleen. Each word he says aloud smells like sulfur dyed in mercury and lit aflame. My fists curl like my top lip when he takes that tone of condescending – I fucked up? But see, I don’t fuck … Continue reading

New Writer on Trailer Park Queer

Ok, so I neglected doing this, for over a week now since GQ joined the ranks here at TPQ. genderquare is a friend of mine, but also someone who looks at the world from a different perspective and still sees some of the same problems with it that I find blatantly obvious every day. Many … Continue reading