declining morality

So, I’ve mentioned before that I’m teaching online this semester. It’s not so bad. I still miss my WTF face, though. I had a student today complain because I added a tiny assignment to the syllabus. All I ask is that in a “writing intensive” class, they prepare an outline for their papers and send … Continue reading

Thinking too much…

I spent too much time thinking about the preacher’s misogyny and whether or not Lin and I were too visibly queer.

the not-so boredom

so, I wrote on Wednesday about being bored… I seriously have to stop doing that – it’s not good for my health. Thursday morning, the wife and I were downstairs in our basement digging through christmas stuff and figuring out what we could put up without tempting the newest kitten (TARDIS) to drag it down … Continue reading

Stonewall 2.0

I read this today in the New York Times. It’s a few days old now, I think. Here’s the gist of it: Some people are calling the outrage and protests over the passage of Proposition 8 “Stonewall 2.0.” It’s partly a take on Web 2.0, this new user-created content move on the world wide web. … Continue reading

A New TPQ Hairstyle

Ok, so this is the first official pic of TPQ to be posted here… but I had my hair did today – and it went from PINK to purple (partly on accident, because we made it a blue-black base)… then marc cut it in a fantastic way and styled it hallelujah-like…! He likes to make … Continue reading

[semi] daily academia 11252008

Question of the day: How long did it take for someone to write the word “homonormativity”? 1995: “In a society whose institutions embody a presumption of heteronormativity and homo deviance, arguing that we are just like everyone else convinces no one. Further, the argument may not be true: we are just like heteros in the … Continue reading

11192008 [semi]daily academia

“Queer theory recognizes the impossibility of moving outside current conceptions of sexuality. We cannot assert ourselves to be entirely outside heterosexuality, nor entirely inside, because each of these terms achieves its meaning in relation to the other.” (Namaste 1996: 199). Well, there it is. We are who we are because of them. The good part? … Continue reading

The paradox of gay marriage rallies

Give this one a thought… it’s giving me pause these days: At gay marriage rallies – rallies in support of gay marriage – people chant “separation of church and state.” Yet they are attempting to attain the right to marriage. The government gives ministers (of churches) the right to preside over marriage ceremonies and legitimate … Continue reading

Evidence of what I’m up against…

This came in my inbox today… I’m sad to say it came from my aunt. She also forwarded me a lot of things about Obama being a Muslim, and sounded quite horror-stricken to find out I voted for him (and not Hillary) in the primaries… I post it here because I don’t believe a word … Continue reading

Crazy/Queer Week

Ok, so this week was freaking nuts. I’ve been meaning to do some writing here, and haven’t gotten around to it. Here are a few of the reasons: 1. Monday, my mom went to the hospital. She’s fine – just hot flashes and tanning beds can be quite nuclear. Still, scary. The follow-up with her … Continue reading