Experience first, then theory

I was struck recently by something Holly Boswell wrote in 1997 (at least, it was published then, she may have written it long before). Holly lives around these parts… in fact, I saw her today at a barbecue… though I neglected to introduce myself, I suppose she’s somewhat of a local celebrity, and I’m sometimes … Continue reading

Currently Reading: Virtual Equality

Re-reading, actually. It’s Urvashi Vaid’s critique of the gay and lesbian rights movement, from an insider’s perspective. I remember reading it a few years ago, for a class, actually, and thinking it was of very little value. What a pretentious little fuck I was, to tell the truth.

What started it all…

So, here’s something I wrote that started this whole Trailer Park Queer thing. I’ve changed the names of my brothers, not to protect their innocence as much as to let them have some privacy. Hope you enjoy: