declining morality

So, I’ve mentioned before that I’m teaching online this semester. It’s not so bad. I still miss my WTF face, though. I had a student today complain because I added a tiny assignment to the syllabus. All I ask is that in a “writing intensive” class, they prepare an outline for their papers and send … Continue reading

Thinking too much…

I spent too much time thinking about the preacher’s misogyny and whether or not Lin and I were too visibly queer.

Stonewall 2.0

I read this today in the New York Times. It’s a few days old now, I think. Here’s the gist of it: Some people are calling the outrage and protests over the passage of Proposition 8 “Stonewall 2.0.” It’s partly a take on Web 2.0, this new user-created content move on the world wide web. … Continue reading

11192008 [semi]daily academia

“Queer theory recognizes the impossibility of moving outside current conceptions of sexuality. We cannot assert ourselves to be entirely outside heterosexuality, nor entirely inside, because each of these terms achieves its meaning in relation to the other.” (Namaste 1996: 199). Well, there it is. We are who we are because of them. The good part? … Continue reading

Getting the roof fixed

So, our roof had a leak. Nothing major, just some water coming in because of some mis-installed flashing around the chimney. But it made me somehow feel more at home in our house. If you remember an earlier post about disorientation, and how I feel disoriented in my own home because it is a solidly, … Continue reading

On the subject of Holly Boswell

Some of you may remember an earlier post entitled “Experience first, then theory…” in which I made it known that I am inspired by the writings of Holly Boswell, who lives in my quaint little mountain town. Since that post, I have met Holly, and interviewed her about the 16th annual Kindred Spirits Retreat in … Continue reading

Crazy/Queer Week

Ok, so this week was freaking nuts. I’ve been meaning to do some writing here, and haven’t gotten around to it. Here are a few of the reasons: 1. Monday, my mom went to the hospital. She’s fine – just hot flashes and tanning beds can be quite nuclear. Still, scary. The follow-up with her … Continue reading

This time, just rambles

I feel like fire is burning up my insides like something is breathing and breeding in my spleen. Each word he says aloud smells like sulfur dyed in mercury and lit aflame. My fists curl like my top lip when he takes that tone of condescending – I fucked up? But see, I don’t fuck … Continue reading

New Writer on Trailer Park Queer

Ok, so I neglected doing this, for over a week now since GQ joined the ranks here at TPQ. genderquare is a friend of mine, but also someone who looks at the world from a different perspective and still sees some of the same problems with it that I find blatantly obvious every day. Many … Continue reading

Thesis Proposal 2.0

Okay, so this went through some revisions once again, and here’s something more like what the actual topic will look like – it’ll get polished over the next week, and then I’ll get started actually framing the conversation and writing the freaking literature review, gathering the data to be analyzed, and voila, instant thesis! As … Continue reading