Stonewall 2.0

I read this today in the New York Times. It’s a few days old now, I think. Here’s the gist of it: Some people are calling the outrage and protests over the passage of Proposition 8 “Stonewall 2.0.” It’s partly a take on Web 2.0, this new user-created content move on the world wide web. … Continue reading

New Writer on Trailer Park Queer

Ok, so I neglected doing this, for over a week now since GQ joined the ranks here at TPQ. genderquare is a friend of mine, but also someone who looks at the world from a different perspective and still sees some of the same problems with it that I find blatantly obvious every day. Many … Continue reading

more thesis thinking

What follows is my half of an exchange with my thesis advisor/committee chair. I chose him, particularly, because his views are not queer, at all, actually, and his questions challenge me to really evaluate and analyze what it is I believe, say, write, and think. This, I think, is valuable. I have added some things … Continue reading

Another anti-HRC rant

From the HRC website: HRC envisions an America where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are ensured equality and embraced as full members of the American family at home, at work and in every community. This is the HRC mission statement. It can be found on their website in the “about us” section. RANT is … Continue reading

Reading Jay Prosser

So, it’s an essay titled “Judith Butler: Queer feminism, transgender, and the transsubstantiation of sex.” I don’t know if I suggest reading it or not, decide for yourself… The most interesting part? It’s after the jump…