shopping while butch

After reading one of TPQ’s posts a few weeks ago where there was talk of black pants shopping I realized I didn’t own a pair of plain black dress pants either and decided to do something about it.  So my partner and i went shopping.  This was especially hard for my partner, who hates to … Continue reading

[semi] daily academia

A new tradition on TPQ – I pick a random quotation from some random theorists/academic and twist it here to fit my own purposes – after all, that’s the academic experiment, right? So, today on TPQ: “The ‘passing’ imperative, which begins from the moment a SRS-seeker enters a medical office and is sized up by … Continue reading

am I a person of faith?

So, today I was blog-surfing and I found this one: I found it quite enlightening, actually, and I find myself once again questioning whether I am a person of faith or whether I am simply having a crisis of faith. At one time, I was deeply entrenched in my home church (Lutheran, ELCA). I … Continue reading