when thoughts don’t stop

Reconnecting with my godmother has given me a lot to think about in the past few weeks. The information she has about my early childhood explains a lot. We spent time drinking beer around a bonfire last night with some really cool folks and those snippets of information that leaked out were incredibly revealing.

declining morality

So, I’ve mentioned before that I’m teaching online this semester. It’s not so bad. I still miss my WTF face, though. I had a student today complain because I added a tiny assignment to the syllabus. All I ask is that in a “writing intensive” class, they prepare an outline for their papers and send … Continue reading

the not-so boredom

so, I wrote on Wednesday about being bored… I seriously have to stop doing that – it’s not good for my health. Thursday morning, the wife and I were downstairs in our basement digging through christmas stuff and figuring out what we could put up without tempting the newest kitten (TARDIS) to drag it down … Continue reading

On the subject of boycotts

BOYCOTT: A boycott is a form of consumer activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some other organization as an expression of protest, usually of political reasons. (according to the wiki). A proposition from me: You must inform the target of your boycott that you are, indeed, … Continue reading

It’s not just the South

The American Family Association is selling this: a flaming cross for your front yard for Christmas. Why, you ask? Well, I can’t be sure, exactly why they would sell this kind of crap for Christmas – except that maybe they’re buying into Bill O’Reilly’s crap about there being a war on Christmas. Or perhaps they’ve … Continue reading

Evidence of what I’m up against…

This came in my inbox today… I’m sad to say it came from my aunt. She also forwarded me a lot of things about Obama being a Muslim, and sounded quite horror-stricken to find out I voted for him (and not Hillary) in the primaries… I post it here because I don’t believe a word … Continue reading

today on tpq, my dirty little secret:

here it is:  i’m not really a voter, i’ve just been passing as one. i mean, i regard myself as a reasonable person (i guess maybe that doesn’t mean very much since a large number of people probably regard themselves as reasonable, huh?), but i know in the eyes of many i have just lost … Continue reading

Getting the roof fixed

So, our roof had a leak. Nothing major, just some water coming in because of some mis-installed flashing around the chimney. But it made me somehow feel more at home in our house. If you remember an earlier post about disorientation, and how I feel disoriented in my own home because it is a solidly, … Continue reading

am I a person of faith?

So, today I was blog-surfing and I found this one: precariouspastor.net. I found it quite enlightening, actually, and I find myself once again questioning whether I am a person of faith or whether I am simply having a crisis of faith. At one time, I was deeply entrenched in my home church (Lutheran, ELCA). I … Continue reading

Criminalizing the Miscarriage

Sorry for the delay in new posts… the in/out-laws were in town this weekend, and they just left this morning… It’s been a busy week and today meant heading back to work and such. But there are posts to come…