just randomness

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my thesis, and since I now have to wear a band-aid on one finger to keep the callus from blistering over, I have decided to create the verb “thesising.” I think it fits. Anything that scars should be a verb.

I have been telling my wife “I loves you,” and just a bit ago I realized that it is equivalent to referring to myself in the third person.

The new kitten is tearing up the house (except, I think it is more appropriately tearing down the house).

I have negative 86 dollars in my bank account and 5 cigarettes.

The kitten thinks the fireplace sprays water at her because we used the amos-inator (the water bottle we got to teach the dog boundaries) to keep her from climbing up the chimney today. The fire wasn’t on.

I’m attempting to make the term “homonormativity” sociologically relevant, and I think I figured it out.

I think I was a better writer in undergrad. I found some old papers the other day when i was looking for some things in my old school stuff (old notes and such), and read a paper I wrote way back when. I write shit now in comparison.

I spent an entire night lying in bed with cramps – they went down to my ankles and up into my shoulders. I finally fell asleep after Lin brought me ibuprofen and the heating pad at 7 am.

My dog sleeps in running position. The other one sleeps in the chair with her back feet on the footstool. They’re both adorable.

My mom seems to be getting better.

My little brother lost his job – the truck driver one, not the jobless one. He’s looking for a new one now.

Lin is looking for a part-time job because we’re so freaking broke right now. We haven’t gotten a paycheck in almost 6 months… life is getting difficult.

I sometimes dislike teaching online because I can’t give my students the WTF face… it’s a powerful teaching tool.

I’m not out to my online students – it’s different with them… if they saw me, they would suspect more.

I’m shitty at keeping a blog. I forget I even have it sometimes. I’ll never be a professional blogger.

I wish Barack Obama hadn’t had to pretend to “transcend” his Blackness in order to be our President. Not that I think he should have been all ghetto (I don’t think that’s his style, but if it was, that’s what I’d want)… I just wish he could have been more genuine rather than having to pretend he’s “just a guy who happens to be Black” so that white voters can pretend they’re not racist.

I’m really tired today and just want to take a nap.

I can’t focus on concept mapping my thesis anymore, so I’m writing here. I think Lin thinks I’m writing my thesis. It remains with no words written – and it has to be orally defended on March 16. I’m a bit scared, but I think I’ll pull it out of my ass and it’ll be genius.


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