the not-so boredom

so, I wrote on Wednesday about being bored… I seriously have to stop doing that – it’s not good for my health.

Thursday morning, the wife and I were downstairs in our basement digging through christmas stuff and figuring out what we could put up without tempting the newest kitten (TARDIS) to drag it down and break things. I got a call from my mom. She’s been kinda nutty lately, so I was expecting a simple “I need you to listen to me right now” kind of phone call.

I heard, through her garbled speech at the time, “come home.” So, Lin and I packed a few things and jumped in the car to head the hour and a half east to mom’s house.

She had felt like she was going to black out while driving to work, pulled the car off the road, then blacked out. Some guy knocked on the window and when she didn’t answer, he called an ambulance.

She was calling me from the emergency room.

The doctors at the ER told her it was because she had pot in her blood and urine, but she’s been smoking pot for 30 years and this is the second time she’s blacked out in the last 3 months. She didn’t think that was it.

So, on Friday, I took her to her doc. He said he didn’t think it was the pot either, so he doubled her antidepressants, gave her 100 ativan to take in the next 2 weeks and gave me the option of either putting her in a mental institution or taking her home with me for a little vacation. She chose the latter. So did I because she goes crazier in hospitals because nothing is familiar – not even remotely.

So, my mom’s been staying with me and Lin since Friday night. She leaves on Friday to go to the beach with my grandmother for one of my cousin’s weddings. We’re not going. My mom hates her mother (or at least they don’t really get along at all), so she’s dreading it. But, she’s been pretty laid back the last few days – just in need of a lot of attention. Plus, adjusting to the double dose of Pristiq has been craziness for her (she’s been sleeping a lot). She also has an upper respiratory infection that seems to be living in her lungs, so she’s coughing a lot, and the antibiotics are ripping her stomach a new one. Add to that the inhaler that makes her jittery and the nasal spray that makes her nose all runny, and she’s a walking zombie who can do the jitterbug. We’ve been running around town like crazy people making sure we do everything she wants to do – which means no work has gotten done. It’s been a fun week, to say the least.

I have to go now because she’s sitting in the living room and probably wondering where I’ve gotten off to… can’t have her finding this blog post, it wouldn’t be pretty.


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