The boredom that ensues…

Today my students turn in their final exams. I grade them. I post grades to the freaking web-based thing… and then… ?

Yeah, that’s the boredom that ensues.

Except that there are a bazillion things to do. I’m teaching online next semester (same course, totally different format), and I’ve chosen slightly different texts for the course. So, there’s reading and planning to do in mass quantities. There’s this essay/piece to write before the end of the year. There’s that whole freakin’ thesis thing, you know?

There are two more seasons of the new Doctor Who series I haven’t seen. There’s most of a season of Torchwood I have yet to see. There’s re-watching Buffy. There are two weddings and a trip to see lin’s parents. I hope there’s no funeral. There are dogs to care for. There are the two Goffman books I just started reading, a book I got in the mail, some books on the shelf that need to be read, and the two John McPhee books I started last night before bed. There are words on pages begging me to read them and yet I’m bored. Or scared of the boredom.

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