The story of a coward…

You, sir, are a coward.

You, sir, are a coward.

Cowards are cruel, but the brave Love mercy, and delight to save.” ~ John Gay

You, sir, are merely afraid, and thus cruel. If you were truly brave, you might open your mind to the world around you, rather than developing theories about it from a sheltered place in its central apex.

The coward only threatens when he is safe.” ~ Goethe

Why else would you threaten, then, coward, unless you felt safe in that central apex – sheltered from the trials of the real world, and protected by the patriarchal shield of biological research, which with your tongue you twist.

A coward boasting of his courage may deceive strangers, but he is a laughing-stock to those who know him.” ~ Phaedrus

And so I know you well enough to laugh – and this is good for me. I have a feeling your decision to no longer teach this particular class is related to the cowardice you feel at being unmasked as a masquerader – someone whose knowledge and abilities surpass your own is quite the challenge – especially when she is a she.

You are like the eels of Melun; you cry out before you are skinned.” ~ Francois Rabelais

If, indeed, you had something to cry about, your cries might be answred. However, your need to create a war in your head between you and all paranoid feminists (and all feminists are paranoid, aren’t they?) reveals your own fears and insecurities – thus you must cry before you are struck, lest you be skinned.

Who knows himself a braggart, Let him fear this; for it will come to pass That every braggart shall be found an ass.” ~ Shakespeare

I quite believe your bravado is simply a mechanism of disguise – for underneath, a donkey lies.

There are at least two kinds of cowards. One kind always lives with himself, afraid to face the world. The other kind lives with the world, afraid to face himself.” ~ Roscoe Snowden

I wish you lived with yourself, yet instead you choose to be afraid to face the world. What is it that hurt you and caused your insecurity? At one point, I thought you might reveal it – but you’re so scared to admit it, you must scream its nonexistence at others. To quote Mister T, I pity the fool.

And a response to the coward – in the form of fable: The Coward and the Ravens: “A coward was leaving on his way to war. Some ravens cawed at him, so he put his weapons down and stood still. Then he took up his arms once more and proceeded on his way, but the ravens cawed at him again. The coward stopped and finally said, ‘Squawk at me as long as you want: you are still not going to get a bite out of my flesh!'”

2 Responses to “The story of a coward…”
  1. Grégoire says:

    Is someone bugging you personally? Or is this just a general observation? Either way it’s pretty good.

    We all have our critics, and the most obnoxious of the lot serve as cheap entertainment, even if they don’t give us anything in the way of constructive criticism to learn from. For these, we must be grateful too…

  2. Gregoire, you should read this post:

    It’s about the same guy… he has decided never again to teach this course I’m taking with him right now – the one he thinks I’m boycotting. Is he bugging me personally? Probably only because he’s disrupting my learning environment – the one he’s supposed to be creating, you know. Crazy prof, that one.

    Hope you’re well!

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