A New TPQ Hairstyle

Ok, so this is the first official pic of TPQ to be posted here… but I had my hair did today – and it went from PINK to purple (partly on accident, because we made it a blue-black base)… then marc cut it in a fantastic way and styled it hallelujah-like…! He likes to make big hair sometimes… Anyway, these are the first official TPQ pics on the blog… now y’all know what my crazy-ass looks like… but not until after the jump.

The first official TPQ pic

The first official TPQ pic


And a different angle with the new hair.

And, of course, the side shot...

And, of course, the side shot...

Don’t you just love the fake smile in the first two? I figure it’s not so bad as long as I don’t do the gratuitous myspace angle… though if you look at my myspace, the profile pic is currently the old hair – and is so totally one of THOSE pictures… but who can blame a girl for tryin’ to look fly for a moment?

Anyway, hope you enjoy knowing what TPQ looks like. Oh, and you can find me on myspace at myspace.com/dykeincharge… where you can check out the old hair and some other old hairstyles. I’m pretty sure my college mohawk is on there somewhere… yikes.

2 Responses to “A New TPQ Hairstyle”
  1. Christian says:

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I love the new hair…you know purple is my fav color anyway! Love you and miss you!

  2. Grégoire says:

    (parishilton) That’s hot! (/parishilton)

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