I’m too young for back pain…

I keep thinking this since after cleaning and cooking all day (and not being nearly finished yet), my back hurts. Not real bad pain, just a dull ache every time I move. Starts in my lower back and just sits there. Yep. I’m 26. I’m way too young for back pain.

But the more I think about it, we’re never really too young for these things… we’re never really TOO young for anything. And then I start thinking about age-of-consent laws and how we’re obsessed with age in this country – and with de-sexualizing our children.

And re-reading these two paragraphs, I realize that my brain twists around in ways it probably shouldn’t.

But, my point is not that children shouldn’t be children. It is simply that age-of-consent laws are arbitrary. Someone somewhere (some straight, rich, old white dude) decided to draw a line somewhere. It’s like needing to be 16 to drive a car or 21 to drink alcohol – nothing about midnight on your 16th birthday clicks so that you suddenly know how to drive. And nothing in your body clicks at midnight on your 21st birthday so that you suddenly know how to drink responsibly. They should license drivers when they’re ready, not when they’re a particular age, and they should license people to drink – after much testing and the forcing of knowledge about what happens when you drink. But then again – that’s no fun. I haven’t had a drink in six months and i really want a beer. But no on these meds.

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