November 25th is a good day… for queers to become lesbians

So, I’m deciding I like November 25th. Today is two months since Lin’s 43rd birthday – she’s now 518 months old. I hope she doesn’t read this, because it won’t excite her. But it also means that she’s only 4 months from her half-birthday, which is one of those silly things we celebrated in undergrad because none of my friend group actually spent time together over the summer. We all went home and worked or played all summer, some of us traveled, others slept, but we didn’t really spend time together. So, those of us who had summer birthdays celebrated the halfsies because the halfsies fell during the school year. That way none of us felt like the kid who didn’t have cupcakes during the school year. Since I was born in July, I enjoyed the half birthday.

I woke up late today – as usual. Actually, I woke up early and had rosemary and olive oil crusty bread with cream cheese smeared on it and then went back to sleep. Early as in 6 am. Late as in 11 am. We were up late last night.

We have two kittens in our house right now. Which makes 5 cats and 2 dogs upstairs with Lin and I and one cat downstairs with Jen. My mom’s cat had its second litter of kittens since June – they’re 6 weeks old and freaking adorable – both calicos. There were 4, but late Sunday night we could only catch 2 – plus, our grown cats are really pissed at us. DoOdLe shit in the kitchen floor and then on our green barrel chair the first night they were here because he was pissed. Since cats are such clean critters, you can usually tell when they’re pissed at you – because that’s when they do things like shit outside of the litter box.

Lin made breakfast this morning – fried taters and lil smokies and squash in an omelet/scramble form. It was quite yummy.

We bathed the dogs. That’s an interesting experience. they’re large. really large. and both of them hate water. They especially hate baths. And we wash them in our bathtub. It’s a dirty wet job, but someone has to do it – or else they start to smell like dirty dogs, even though they stay inside with us all the time. They do smell better now, though.

I wrote most of my actual thesis prospectus today. It has ended up taking a whole new direction, but I’m liking it. I actually think I’ll enjoy doing the content analysis, too – which is super-exciting. Mostly, it’s because I’m a nerd who enjoys tedium.

I’m teaching a course online next semester and it’s already full. I’ve had 2 students request to be added over the limit. I wish I could say it was because I have a reputation as a great professor, but I have a feeling students think that an online course is inherently easier than a face-to-face class. They have obviously never had me – I’m kind of a hardass. Ask my students. They love it, though. I think they actually like me. Two weeks ago, they were doing evaluations of me, and Angie went up and gave them the evaluation. I sat downstairs in the grad office waiting for her to come back down. 45 minutes later, she walks into the grad office and she says “Oh, shit! I forgot to tell you I was finished half an hour ago…” We both assumed my students had left and gone for the day. But, I went upstairs to check, and believe it or not – they were all still there! Several of them want to know what I’m teaching next semester because they actually like me (even though I’m a hardass), but I’m teaching social problems again, so unless they fail, they can’t take the class. I’ve never taught online… this will be interesting.

Jen’s cat has heart worms and Lin is helping give her prednisone pills so her pulmonary vein and artery will unswell and she can start giving it preventatives so Zoe will not die from the worms passing through her heart valves. Oh, and so she’ll stop wheezing. Cats don’t usually get heart worms… it’s kinda sad and scary.

Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are back. David Shuster was filling in for Chris Matthews. I miss Chris, but I don’t mind David doing his show. I don’t like anyone else doing Keith’s show…

I made tofu and bean chili last night – it’s really yummy. We’ve eaten it for 3 meals now, so at dinner tonight, I decided to bake potatoes, smother them in shredded cheddar and cream cheese and then dump chili on top. It’s the serious yum.

I’m cooking for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Actually, I’m starting most of the cooking part tomorrow. Lin wants some traditional things, but I’m trying to work an apple theme into it. Here’s the menu:

1. An apple-stuffed, herb-roasted turkey (I’m making it up, but it’ll be so yummy).

2. Lin wants green bean casserole.

3. mashed potatoes (like my grandmaw made – with her secret ingredient).

4. Sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows on top (another Lin request).

5. Mom’s cabbage casserole – complete with corn flake crust – it’s the shit, seriously.

6. sausage apple stuffing.

7. apple cranberry relish.

8. bubbling apples.

9. pumpkin pie.

10. mulled cider.

11. devilled eggs (because they’re a staple – but I’ll make these the way my PawPaw liked them).

12. Cornbread – not traditional, but oh so yummy.

So, you can see that I chose an apple theme and Lin demanded some Thanksgiving staples. I think it’s a nice mix. Oh, and there will be gravy and other goodness, I just can’t think of what else I’m going to make yet.

That’s enough for today, i think. I have more work to do, but since Rachel’s going off now, I think I’m going to put some doctor who in the DVD player and pretend that I have nothing to do. It’s an avoidance strategy I’ve been good at for a long time. It continues to work for me.


2 Responses to “November 25th is a good day… for queers to become lesbians”
  1. Grégoire says:

    Gawdalmighty, TPQ… if I invite you to have American Thanksgiving at my place next year, will you do the cooking?

    You southern folks really know how to eat. If I lived there, I’m sure I’d be springing the agricultural scale at the feedlot in about 6 months.

    I love the American south, not only for its cuisine and natural beauty, but for its people also. You’re a lot nicer, more decent, better mannered and smarter than we are. (And you’re all good enough to hide the smarts, so we don’t feel insecure.) There’s a bit of racism/sexism/homophobia there, but no more than here…you guys are just honest enough to discuss it openly, whereas we hide it behind layers and layers of bullshit.

    I’m convinced that I’ll be reborn there in my next life.

  2. givemespacetorock says:

    I made up a bunch of food for thanksgiving, too… and used apples in all of it. It must be a big gay theme.

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