More random things today…

It looks like this, but neon pink...
He looks like this

He looks like this

1. My dog (the boy one) has a pink polar shield coat. It looks like the one in the picture, but it’s neon pink…. and I do mean NEON. He, however, looks like the greyhound/boxer mix that he is – yea, he’s kinda queer-looking like his mommy.

It looks like this, but neon pink…

Sometimes we worry he’ll be gender confused… but not really. I don’t think dogs see color, and I don’t think pink is a girl thing – though it is my favorite color. His grandma bought it for him because she couldn’t find another color and she figured I would like it in pink – the wife’s mom, not mine.

2. My lil bro was here. He came with this other guy who stayed overnight. It was the straight brother, not the gay trucker one. the guy who came with him is a witness, jehovah’s, as in. They asked where straight bars were in town and we pointed them to one. They ended up there, and three other places – two of which were gay bars. I find this amusing since they both know what rainbow awnings mean.

3. I had a NY strip for dinner… nothing like organic angus. Seriously. I miss being a vegetarian but when I was, I missed BEEF. Maybe it’s my trailer park roots that just associate beef with having a good meal that rich people would eat – maybe it’s just that my trailer park self associates beef with wealth, and I sometimes want to feel wealthy even when I can’t afford it. I mean, I could have gotten ten bags of frozen berries or 6 cartons of soymilk for that price, really.

4. It was snowing both times I woke up this morning.

5. I like rosemary and olive oil crusty bread.

6. I  have missed eating cream cheese since we closed our bookstore/cafe in february, so we bought some at the grocery store today.

7. I tried soda again today. It still tastes like metal. I’m not surprised – I’m still on those meds for pseudotumor that make it taste like metal. But my lil bro had a pepsi in the fridge and I kept craving it.

8. The soda wasn’t as good as the maine root ginger brew I had yesterday at school.

9. I’ve been generally happy today.

10. I had a butch moment when I fixed Jen’s shower head – or switched the one she had that barely dribbled water for one that actually sprays. It’s the one we just took out of our bathroom to replace with an adjustable low-flow one that has a hose and sprayer so that we can wash the dogs in our bathroom.

11. we were going to bathe the dogs today but it snowed and lin thought they would get too cold.

12. Our girl dog gets jealous when the boy dog gets to put clothes on because she’s kind of a prissy tomboy, so I ripped up and old tee shirt and turned it into a doggie tee shirt for her. She’s lying under the desk wearing it still. She wasn’t so happy with all the fittings, so the last time I put it on her, she ran behind a chair to make sure I couldn’t take it back off. She really likes getting dressed – maybe she has some strange taboo about nudity.

13. We rented more torchwood and dr. who today. I love local DVD rental places… I like supporting local businesses. Plus, it’s only $2 for 7 days to rent there. Blockbuster is like $4… how ridiculous.

14. I took one pair of the wife’s hiking boots the other day and I haven’t worn another pair of shoes since. She doesn’t mind, of course, because she has another pair, and I don’t have warm boots of my own. I have docs. Docs aren’t really that warm – just leather over socks over skin. They look good, but they’re actually kinda chilly in the winter – especially in the toe region.

One Response to “More random things today…”
  1. Grégoire says:

    Ah, Jehovah’s Witnesses. I feel for those poor peeps. They’re the only ones who had worse childhood than we (Mormons) did. Imagine no birthdays and no christmas presents.

    I can understand them going to the rainbow room. I’m assuming it’s a classy joint, rather than a dive. I’ve been to the downtown gay bar near my office several times, and I’m as straight as a razor. Several others (by that I mean heterosexuals, both male and female) occasionally drop in besides myself, surely for the same reason.

    It’s of the swankier places in the area and it’s the one place I can go for a quiet hour to relax without being eyed by some chick on the make. One of the strange ironies of life I’ve found is that it’s only with gays and lesbians that my commitment to monogamy is almost never questioned. Go figure.

    PS – Thanks for the link, TPQ. I don’t think I deserve to be listed Strange and Smart, like TPQ but I’ll take it, as it ranks as one of the highest compliments I’ve received this year.

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