Random things from my day…

1. Quote of the day at the top of my gmail inbox: Henri Frederic Amiel – “Order is power.”

2. I switched committee chairs a few weeks, maybe months ago.

3. Old committee chair dropped out of my committee today. He thinks I’m boycotting his class.

4. I have more power than I think sometimes.

5. There are more important things in life than school and work – like socks with grippies on the bottom and play time with my doggies.

6. My dogs cherish literal seconds of playtime with me – probably because it’s such a rare occurrence these days.

7. The most boring thing you can possibly do, EVER, is to copy and paste press releases from the past year from four organizations’ Web sites into a Word document… seriously.

8. Stripper doesn’t look good on a resume.

9. People are nice if you communicate with them instead of fearing them.

10. Paxil really does have an impact on sexuality. I get horny, ALL THE TIME, like usual, but I can’t climax… this kinda sucks.

11. Fat girls can look fantastic in lingerie – and yes, even in G-strings.

12. Sometimes I don’t hate my body.

13. Last year’s winter clothes don’t look too small on me this year.

14. I make really good chili.

15. I like to sleep past noon still.

16. I miss Rachel maddow and Keith Olbermann. they shouldn’t be allowed to take vacations at the same time.

17. I did not get to watch Dr. Who or Torchwood today – this is sad.

18. If I don’t go to bed soon, school will be a difficult place to get to on time in the morning.

2 Responses to “Random things from my day…”
  1. hussyred says:

    as a queer who sleeps in, a fat girl, and an academic, i so appreciate this post. academic gatekeeping sucks, i’m over it. and yes, fat girls can rock a good piece of lingerie. also, i wish rachel maddow had come to vacation at my house because i’m seriously withdrawing very badly. how could she do this to me in the middle of writing my prelim exams? be well and stay warm. only a few weeks of the semester left. xoxo.

  2. Thanks for commenting on this one – I read your blog all the time and never comment on it… I’m such a jerk… perhaps it’s the thesis taking over my brain… You’re right, though, only about 3 weeks until freedom… I can’t wait.

    I’ll have to write more about this prof who thinks I’m boycotting his class – really, I’m just skipping so I can manage to keep my head above water… crazy Republicans who teach Sociology are so silly…. and whoever heard of a Republican Sociologist? Aren’t soc departments supposed to full of liberals and homos? I want that back…. that’s what I had in undergrad… dammit.


    PS – I’m adding you to my blogroll because I like other quer fat girls who like to sleep in – especially the academic types.

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