11202008 [semi] daily academia

“In the case of gay marriage, the push for state-sanctioned kinship reconsolidates the exclusionary practices of the institution of marriage. This move recodes “good” forms of national kinship (monogamous, consumptive, privatized) while punishing those that fall outside of them, particularly those forms of racialized and classed kinship that continue to be the target of state … Continue reading

On the subject of boycotts

BOYCOTT: A boycott is a form of consumer activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some other organization as an expression of protest, usually of political reasons. (according to the wiki). A proposition from me: You must inform the target of your boycott that you are, indeed, … Continue reading

Random things from my day…

1. Quote of the day at the top of my gmail inbox: Henri Frederic Amiel – “Order is power.” 2. I switched committee chairs a few weeks, maybe months ago. 3. Old committee chair dropped out of my committee today. He thinks I’m boycotting his class. 4. I have more power than I think sometimes. … Continue reading

11192008 [semi]daily academia

“Queer theory recognizes the impossibility of moving outside current conceptions of sexuality. We cannot assert ourselves to be entirely outside heterosexuality, nor entirely inside, because each of these terms achieves its meaning in relation to the other.” (Namaste 1996: 199). Well, there it is. We are who we are because of them. The good part? … Continue reading