Getting the roof fixed

So, our roof had a leak. Nothing major, just some water coming in because of some mis-installed flashing around the chimney. But it made me somehow feel more at home in our house. If you remember an earlier post about disorientation, and how I feel disoriented in my own home because it is a solidly, squarely built house, you’ll remember that I mentioned that there’s something almost too perfect about this house. But, we’ve made it through our first repair – something not quite put together right, and now I’m feeling a little better. Something about the disorder of things makes me feel comfortable. Knowing that my house is not completely perfect somehow makes me feel better – makes me feel more at home – even though we had to find a roofer. He was a nice guy, though. He told us that if it leaks again, we should just have the chimney taken down – because it’s really just for show. And somehow that has always pissed me off about this house – it has a chimney, yet we have an UNvented gas fireplace. That means the chimney isn’t functional – it just exists to look pretty. and probably to let people outside your home know that you have that all-too-important status symbol – a fireplace.

But I wear my status in my worn-out boots and in my dirty fingernails. I wear my status in my thrift store clothes that sometimes don’t fit right. I wear my status in all those things that make me feel strong – not in some phallic extension of my home. there’s not even a penis in this house – yet from the outside, you would guess there is all the virility suggested by a fireplace – including the need for an aggressive, sweaty, and necessarily hairy man to chop wood and light the fire, because of course, women can’t do that. Fireplaces suggest masculinity. But the only things male in this house are a 3 year old cat and a 2 year old dog – and neither of them have thumbs with which to strike a match or to curl around an axe handle. Yet I have thumbs…

And all of this was to say I like my home – I finally feel comfortable here, and I still don’t understand why there are chimneys on houses just for show…


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