Another deadline finished

So, this week was deadline week for the paper. How I love these weekends – getting smelly, not taking a shower for three days, forcing all of my creative energy into one large push each month to birth something graphically beautiful and stimulating – along with writing an article or two – and sitting in a room with my wife for 3 days straight while we crank out a paper. We have a staff, you know, but the brunt of the putting-it-together work has to happen somewhere. And in this case it’s in our home’s 3rd bedroom – the office.

The issue is beautiful – it looks incredible, and my design work has never been more on point. I’m feeling quite proud of myself this month. Most notably – designing a full page ad for the back cover in only 6 hours (including proofing time), and creating an LGBTQ pull-out voter guide for this issue.

In other news, I received a review copy of Tim Wise’s new book Speaking Treason Fluently, and can’t wait to get into it. I also received a copy of the newly updated edition of his older book, the title of which escapes me right now. I’m also wondering where the protein powder I ordered 3 weeks ago is… damned Amazon.

And I really don’t have anything smart to say right now – my brain is quite tapped of creative and intelligent energy… but I felt the need to post something, so here’s something: Next weekend is NC State Pride in Durham. Our staff is going to be there. I’m not looking forward to it yet. Perhaps it is still the downward energy slump from deadline weekend, or perhaps it is that grad school plus a full-time job is kicking my ass, I don’t know. But either way – I have to find a way to get myself in gear for next weekend. Plus, Thursday is my wife’s birthday – she’ll be 43. I have to do something uber-romantic and perfect for her – but we’ll be driving to Durham with a queen and his not-husband in the backseat. I suppose roadsex is out of the question, then. Damn. I’ll have to think of something else. I have about 38 cents in my pocket… maybe I’ll buy her a stick of gum.


One Response to “Another deadline finished”
  1. bentcrude says:

    ahhhhh the smell of work …

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