A portrait of nerdy domesticity

The wife and I were chatting over IM this evening – from one room away, no less – only because I felt the need to interrupt her work, as usual. I thought I would share with everyone a portrait of what nerdy queer domesticity looks like. Our need to deconstruct language goes further than English words used to describe queer people and queer lives. (A sidenote: we probably only *think* we’re funny). The transcript is after the jump.

me: je t’aime, je t’aime
her: no parley vu francey
me: it means “I love you, i love you”
je means “I”, aime means love, and the t’ means you
her: Oh, ja ich liebe dich!
me: i hope that’s german for “I don’t hate your stinky ass”!
her: ich = I, liebe = love, dich = you…of course it’s the form of you as the object in the sentence; du is another form of you; I won’t even get into the formal second person pronouns…
me: haha
her: The French phrase looks like it should mean aim a jet.
me: well, I didn’t get into the french grammar, either
je does mean “i”
aime is the form of “aimer” that fits with tu, which means you
but the construction is actually “I you love” and when the french see two vowels together, they create contractions, thus t’aime
her: no wonder I never did well in French, they keep changing the rules.
me: in short, je t’aime
ja ich liebe dich, as well
her: me, you, too
me: ps – te amo and te quiero
her: que?
me: exactly

*disclaimer: we may not know what the hell we’re talking about, actually, and we don’t really care.

One Response to “A portrait of nerdy domesticity”
  1. bentcrude says:

    rofl… that’s damn cute

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