10 things I learned this week

1. I like the color Orange Maple made by Behr Paints.

2. My baby brother is a fucknut.

3. My mom needs me as much as I need her.

4. Sarah Palin is full of rage.

5. Charlie Gibson has given up GMA for a true journalist position.

6. Someone actually thinks Sarah Palin is a marginalized feminist.

7. Right-wing ideologues like to pretend they have no ideology.

8. Some genuinely kind, fair, and honest people are torn up inside by their religious beliefs.

9. I’m a control freak.

10. Gina Gershon does a mean Sarah Palin impression.

One Response to “10 things I learned this week”
  1. bentcrude says:

    thanks a million for the great interview, it’s currently here http://excloset.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/trailer-park-queer/ and here http://dyke.weebly.com/11/post/2008/09/trailer-park-queer.html

    i’ll make an announcement on the blog as soon as we start putting them up on http://www.queerlife.co.za

    thanks again!

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