New Writer on Trailer Park Queer

Ok, so I neglected doing this, for over a week now since GQ joined the ranks here at TPQ. genderquare is a friend of mine, but also someone who looks at the world from a different perspective and still sees some of the same problems with it that I find blatantly obvious every day. Many people do not see the world the way GQ and I do, especially in our small community, but we point it out anyway. GQ did not grow up in a trailer park, but in a totally different way – on a family compound of sorts – something gloriously southern and rural, which only GQ can explain. And though this blog was originally meant to be a place where I driveled on about my own existence, I think GQ is a wonderful addition to the objective of Trailer Park Queer. And thus the objective shifts a small bit, not to accommodate GQ, but to move forward with changing the world one small step at a time. The new objective is not to express my own fears and ambitions, but to explore what it means to be a trailer park queer when “trailer park” is used as an adjective to describe “queer” and “trailer park queer” becomes a particular brand of queer identity. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the project with its new focus, send me an e-mail or put it in the comments… I think this is an interesting place to keep track of what it’s like to be left out of the LGBT community because you don’t have the money or the “class” to do what they want to do with us.


4 Responses to “New Writer on Trailer Park Queer”
  1. bentcrude says:

    great blog

  2. bentcrude says:

    ps i’m from a little further south than you … south africa 🙂

  3. splif says:

    Oh man. I’m from Florida, so I’ve got the southern covered to an extent (not too southern here in FL, more beachy), I’m also straight. What I love about this whole project is that it really bucks the stereotype of the homosexual image that stereotypers have come to depend on. I love it! Bookmarkin’ it!

  4. Splif… contact me with a way of getting back at you?


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