Thesis Proposal 2.0

Okay, so this went through some revisions once again, and here’s something more like what the actual topic will look like – it’ll get polished over the next week, and then I’ll get started actually framing the conversation and writing the freaking literature review, gathering the data to be analyzed, and voila, instant thesis! As if it were that simple. The new proposal is after the jump…

Topic: Exclusionary Definitions of “The Good Queer Citizen”


There are several ways of defining groups – and some of them create exclusivity and define an “elite” group that excludes others from that definition. I plan to use the concepts of “othering,” the phenomenological concept of “orientation” as explored by Sara Ahmed in Queer Phenomenology, and even a statistical look at numbers of queer individuals and their class and race and gender identities to explore the ways in which the good queer citizen is defined. I will then do a content analysis of all the press releases from the national organizations that define the LGBT rights movement, and arguably have the most pull in defining the good queer citizen. The groups included will be: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF or The Task Force), Gay and Lesbian Advocates Against Defamation (GLAAD), the National Center for Transgender Education (NCTE), and genderPAC. I will use LexisNexis and the organizational websites to gather all press releases from these organizations in the past 5 years, along with their mission statements and “about us” information, which is also available on their website. I will analyze these for clues as to what the good queer citizen looks like according to their rules, and how they create an exclusive definition of “the good queer citizen.”

One Response to “Thesis Proposal 2.0”
  1. buddhistfemme says:

    Sounds interesting- can’t wait to read more!

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