Currently Reading: Virtual Equality

Re-reading, actually. It’s Urvashi Vaid’s critique of the gay and lesbian rights movement, from an insider’s perspective. I remember reading it a few years ago, for a class, actually, and thinking it was of very little value. What a pretentious little fuck I was, to tell the truth.

Now, I’m reading it and thinking… The movement hasn’t gone anywhere – it’s still fighting for assimilation: “hey, tolerate us, and we’ll suck your cock, too! But, we won’t tell your wife, you really do just have a wide stance ::wink::” What happened to LIBERATION? What killed everyone’s spirit? Where did ACT UP and Queer Nation go? Where’s the grassroots activism? I don’t have the money to write a check, but I’m sure as hell

Virtual Equality by Urvashi Vaid

Virtual Equality by Urvashi Vaid

willing to put in some effort on the ground – changing people’s minds. And I’m tired of saying “I’m just like you,” Because I’m not just like them. I’m not a white middle class face, and I’m not a person of color who has enough money and looks just white enough to be their poster child or their daddy warbucks, and I don’t want to be. It’s not that I don’t want them because they don’t want me – it’s that I don’t want them because I want real change – not peeping out of a closet door going “Is it safe to come out now?” I want the closet doors to disappear – I want to not have to come out anymore… at least for it not to lead to violence. And whose brainy idea was it that changing the laws to be “harsher” on those who perpetrate hate-based violence would change anything before the crimes happen? It’s like trickle down economics – it will never work. Grassroots education and activism and pointing out the inherent flaws in the system, that’s what works, and “The Movement” isn’t doing it…

and the point of this rant? Well, it’s to say that as I’m reading this book, several years after my first read, and 13 years after its publication, LGBTQ people are still living with Virtual Equality, a salient point, even if virtual reality is so over.


One Response to “Currently Reading: Virtual Equality”
  1. Lin says:

    Hey, don’t forget about the Lesbian Avengers who marched down the streets in Doc Martens, nipple rings and very little else beating drums and shouting loudly, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!”

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