An Introduction

I thought I might start this by introducing myself. Expect many posts here in the next week or so as I really get things moving, most of them will be introductory.

The point of this little blogspace is to chronicle the writing of my Master’s thesis, but also to invite others to comment on the work I’m doing, and on my own thought process. I think it will be an interesting project to be able to look back at my thinking process and evaluate it.

Please, comment – feel free to leave suggestions for reading, rants about why I’m wrong, and kudos for things you might agree with. I welcome all comments, especially from those who believe I’m seriously off track with my thinking – the challenge sharpens my argument.

What’s the argument, you ask? Well, that’s a piece that’s still up in the air. It might just be the intersection of class and queer, but it’s about lived experiences of being poor, working class, working poor, lower middle class and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, a dyke. It’s a personal story and a theoretical journey. Welcome to my headspace.



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