Currently Reading: Queer Phenomenology

This one I’m just getting into. Mostly, I’m enjoying Ahmed’s description of queer tables. It’s a total mindfuck, like reading CA Conrad (whom I love) – see Deviant Propulsion and (Soma)tic Midge. All good reads should fuck your mind like this one. I keep thinking most kids were picky eaters, but I’m a picky reader. … Continue reading

Currently Reading: Virtual Equality

Re-reading, actually. It’s Urvashi Vaid’s critique of the gay and lesbian rights movement, from an insider’s perspective. I remember reading it a few years ago, for a class, actually, and thinking it was of very little value. What a pretentious little fuck I was, to tell the truth.

What started it all…

So, here’s something I wrote that started this whole Trailer Park Queer thing. I’ve changed the names of my brothers, not to protect their innocence as much as to let them have some privacy. Hope you enjoy:

An Introduction

I thought I might start this by introducing myself. Expect many posts here in the next week or so as I really get things moving, most of them will be introductory. The point of this little blogspace is to chronicle the writing of my Master’s thesis, but also to invite others to comment on the … Continue reading